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Call Barring, Diverting, Waiting, Conferencing and Fixed Dialing Codes

Call barring
Call Barring controls the flow of your call transactions - which types of calls you receive and which types of calls that can be made from your phone. It is a telephone service feature that enables you restrict certain types of incoming and outgoing calls. Call barring can also apply to messages and data.

Activating and deactivating call barring require the use of a password, which is usually 0000 (four zeros) by default. The password is editable to any four-digit code of your choice. You can see the call barring option on your phone by going through:

Menu > Settings > Security settings > Call barring service.

(How to access the call barring option on your phone may be different from what was given above. Refer to your device manual)

Alternatively, you can use codes to control the call barring service:

To change call barring password, dial **03*330*Old password*New password*New password#. The default password is usually 0000. To change it to, say, 2390, dial **03*330*0000*2390*2390#. Your new password is now 2390. If you want to change it to, say, 7634, dial**03*330*2390*7634*7634#.

Call barring definition
Status check
Bar all outgoing calls
*33*Barring password#
#33*Barring password#
Bar all incoming calls
*35*Barring password#
#35*Barring password#
Bar all outgoing international calls
*331*Barring password#
#331*Barring password#
Bar incoming calls when roaming
*351*Barring password#
#351*Barring password#
Bar all outgoing international  calls except to home country
*332*Barring password#
#332*Barring password#
Cancel all barring
#330*Barring password#

Call diverting

Call diverting or call forwarding, is a telephone service tool which lets you redirect incoming calls to another phone or voicemail. Call diverting ensures you don't miss a call even when your phone is switched off, busy or unavailable, as you will be reached on another phone. 

You can see the call forwarding option on your phone by going through:

Menu > Settings > Call settings > Call diverting.

(How to access the call diverting option on your phone may be different from what was given above. Refer to your device manual)

Call diverting can also be controlled using relevant codes:

Call diverting definition
Status check
Divert all voice calls
Divert if busy
Divert if no reply
Divert if not reachable
Number stands for “the phone number to which calls will be diverted.”

Call waiting

When you are busy on a call, and another subscriber calls you, your phone will gently beep, notifying you that a second call is on the line. Your caller will see a notification such as "call waiting" on the display of their phone. You can put the current call on hold and answer the second call. You can also start a conference call and simultaneously speak with both users.

If your call waiting feature is deactivated, other callers won't be able to connect to your phone while you are busy on a call.

You can see the call waiting option on your phone by going through:

Menu > Settings > Call settings > Call waiting.

Call waiting definition
Status check
Call waiting

Conference call

This is a type of telephone call in which more than two persons speak with one another. Some conference calls allow users initiated into the call to only listen in and cannot speak and be heard. 

Conference calls are usually done in such a way whereby the person doing the calling calls the other participants and add them to the call:
  • Make first call
  • Place the current call on hold and make second call
  • Select the conference call option on your mobile phone. Now you can hold a conversation between the three of you
  • To add another person to the conversation, place your current call on hold and make a third call. You can repeat this sequence for up to five calls or more.
Some other conference calls may be run by a conference bridge whereby participants call into the conference call by calling a number that connects to the bridge. See, for example, MTN conference call.

Fixed dialling

Fixed dialling is a network service which lets you restrict outgoing calls to only those numbers defined, or to numbers with certain prefixes. When you activate fixed dialling on your line, outgoing calls can connect to only the listed numbers, or numbers with defined prefixes. Emergency calls to 121, 911, etc. are still permissible even when not included in the list.

The storage capacity of the fixed dialling list depends on the capacity of the SIM card. The defined list is protected is protected by PIN2 [not PIN]. Get your PIN2 from your service provider.

How to activate fixed dialling feature on your number

The fixed dialling option is usually located under the phonebook sub-menu or appears Menu > Settings > Cost settings > Fixed dialling. Refer to your device manual for specific details.

A general guideline would be:
  • Locate the fixed dialling option
  • Turn it on and enter PIN2
  • Enter PIN2 each time and add preferred numbers and prefixes.
  • Turning the feature on, off, adding and removing a number would require the use of PIN2 supplied by your provider 
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