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Cheapest MTN Data Plans: Get 250MB – N250, 1GB – N1,000

You can’t get MTN data plans cheaper than this. Yes I mean it.  I want to present to you the cheapest MTN Data plans currently available in Nigeria.

Have you heard of MTN SME Data Share? If no, it’s a prepaid service that allows business owners to buy data bundles and share with others. In short, It is a scheme that allows individuals and companies to buy data in large quantity and distribute/Resell in bits.  

Through SME Data Share, you can now get 1GB of MTN data bundle for as low as N1,000. Really! Yes.
Some Nigerians are already in the business. As a matter of fact, it’s really really expensive to buy data for your device mostly when you are usingan android device. I guess you know what am talking about if you are an android user. you know how expensive it is to buy data.
Below is his price list:
==> 250MB for #250
==> 500MB for #500
==> 1GB for #1000
==> 2GB for #2000
==> 3GB for #3000
==> 4GB for #4000
==> 5GB for #5000
==> 10GB for #10,000
Before I forget, the validity of any of this plan is 28-30 days. You can compare the prices above with the normal MTN data bundles to see how much you will be saving yourself.
Any of the plans above work on any device, e.g. Android, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Nokia, Lumia, Windows, etc

                HOW DO I GET MINE ACTIVATED 

To purchase an MTN SME Data Share bundle, all you need to do is:

1. Send 460 to 131 or dial *460# to migrate to the SME Plus Service Class
2. You must ensure your airtime balance (on the mobile phone doing the sharing) can cater for the            cost of data bundle being purchased.
3. Pay for a data share bundle by sending the keyword that corresponds to the plan you wish to purchase (as in table above).

How does the customer recharge his account?

Three days before subscription expiration, customer will be sent an SMS every day advising for payment to be made.

Payment is made by:
Recharge Card
Once the airtime is credited, the payment will be automatically deducted from the phone’s airtime and validity of the subscription will be extended accordingly.

How do I share data with a beneficiary?

You can share data with any beneficiary by sending SMS below to 131 (or dial *461# and follow the prompt): 

Please see format to enter for <DATASIZE>
Example Data size customer wants to share CORRECT DataSize to enter on phone
1 250MB 250
2 500MB 500
3 750MB 750
4 1GB 1000
NOTE: You can only share data in multiples of 250MB, 500MB, 750MB or 1GB. Sharing data in multiples of any other data sizes in not allowed.

For example to share 250MB of data with beneficiary using phone number 08031234567 and MTN PIN ‘1234’, then the following is sent as SMS to 131 (or Dial *461# and follow the prompt);

SMESHARE 08031234567 250 1234 = Correct Format!

SMESHARE 08031234567 200 1234 = Wrong Format

Can I share data sizes multiple times to the same beneficiary?
Yes, especially when the data size which you wish to share is larger than 1GB. To share data of larger sizes than 2GB for instance, you will need to share 1GB twice.
For example, to share 2GB of data with beneficiary using phone number 08031234567 and MTN PIN ‘1234’, simply send SMESHARE 08031234567 1000 1234 twice to effectively share 2GB.

Does beneficiary’s phone number have to be an MTN phone number to enjoy the service?
Yes, the beneficiary’s phone number must be an MTN phone number on any service class.

How do I check my data balance?
You simply send DATABALANCE to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt

How do beneficiaries check their data balance?
The beneficiary checks own balance by sending SHAREBALANCE to 131 or dialing *461# and following the prompt.

I Hope this helps.. Happy Sunday All
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  1. Sorry,but i just wasted a thousand naira,tried d code and was migrated to Bizplus,did d 1000 plan and i got 60mins calls,30sms and 100mb...just 100mb,im goin crazy...

  2. Eke Austin. Sorry for the late response, however, this is the MTN SME, its kind of complicated if you are new to the SME data, you load #10000 then convert it to 10GB before you can share to your sim, please read the instructions again. sorry for the lost

  3. Pls most peeps sort things put via post so be sure of your lead cos I just wasted a thousand box too ..damn it hasn't been fair all along thou ...para mood

  4. please how do i convert the money to gb

  5. This people are fraudsters o... better respect yourselves and buy normal data.

  6. Dey are not; is for family, company and business pple not for individual.

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